• Shelby Dodd

10 Reasons to Drink More Water

Water is so beneficial and such an easy and accessible tool to help you stay healthy. Your body is about 70% water, which is why you need It to function properly If you feel like you need a little flavor in yours, you can a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, some fresh mint leaves (which you can grow yourself at home 😉) or cucumber or orange slices. Berries make it tasty and beautiful too. Find a way to get it in your body without adding empty calories like mio or crystal light. Learn to love fresh 💙. Take your weight, cut it in half, and you have the # of ounces you should be taking in each day to get these benefits. 1. Increases Energy 2. Promotes Weight Loss 3. Gets Rid of Toxins 4. Improves Complexion (and bags under your eyes) 5. Helps with Digestion 6. Boosts Immune System 7. Relieves Headaches 8. Prevents and Relieves Cramping 9. Puts You in a Better Mood (bc your body is functioning properly) 10. It's FREE

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