• Shelby Dodd


Memorial Day weekend this year I went to the doc for stomach pain (that I thought was acid indigestion or heart burn related). I had a sonogram and discovered that I have something called “Cholecystitis” or an inflamed gallbladder. Generally this is caused by poor diet, viral infections, tumors, blood vessel problems, calcium buildup ,etc. but none of those really pertain to me; I’m relatively healthy! Anyway, I regularly have flare ups that are visible externally and the more research I do, the more I believe that my hormones were so elevated during pregnancy that I was left with this little gem of a medical issue lol. Here’s a pic of the difference in the way my stomach looks within a 48 hour time period. I’m still pretty swollen but it’ll completely go away in another day or two if I stay really hydrated, eat lots of veggies, and very little fat. I’ll eventually have to have my gallbladder removed but this is crazy right?! MRI on the 27th!

#gallbladder #inflammation #Cholecystitis

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