• Shelby Dodd

Chicken Thighs Are Not Bad For You!

I think I quit eating chicken for a year or more bc I was under the impression that I had to have breasts to be a healthy but that’s not entirely true. For years people have tried to tell us that chicken thighs weren’t healthy bc they have a higher fat content. Well…that’s bullshit. Chicken skin DOES contain more fat but it’s the majority of the fat in it is heart healthy, unsaturated fat. It’s REAL food. That nature provides. Of course there is some saturated fat but it’s a WHOLE food. Good fat doesn’t make you fat. It actually helps prevent heart disease and lowers the “bad” cholesterol. That’s why the keto diet either works wonders or totally bombs. Not all fats are created equal and the same goes for calories.

Bake it or pan sear it, don't deep fry it.

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