• Shelby Dodd

Why do white starches get a bad rap???

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Flour used to be many by grinding wheat between 2 stones; this wheat contained all of the wheat (seed, bran, germ). It was dense and tougher to chew. Removing the bran and germ made bread softer and was an expensive luxury (expensive because it took a lot of work and time to do this). Sometime in the 19th cnetury they began milling the wheat so the bran and grain would drop to the bottom (and fed to cattle). In return they could rapidly produce this "softer" bread for a fraction of the price. The part that's left after is mostly carbohydrates, which turns into glucose (which is important but like everything, it's best in moderation). White flour has an indefinite shelf life wheel wheat flour can turn rancid because it still contains all the good stuff. In a nutshell, you should choose the brown stuff because it still has most of it's nutrients!

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